OK e-GPS, can you summarise why we need you?

Yes! In a nutshell e-GPS will help build and improve the online profile for your practice, make your services more visible, provide important practice and health information to your patients, support and improve health promotion and chronic disease management. e-GPS can also support your accreditation or re-accreditation application, link your practice in with health programs in the local community and with other health practitioners, help your team improve their understanding of your patient demographics and help your improve your business.

How do we manage comments left on our website by the general public?

In our research we have seen many comments left by both grateful, satisfied and disenchanted patients. Many of these comments have been there for a long time, often for several years, with no response taken by the practice to minimise the impact. At eGPS, we will help you monitor these comments, giving you the opportunity to respond and take action where needed. We call this damage control and this attention to detail not only demonstrates a commitment to the needs of your patients, but will ultimately support your accreditation with regard to patient feedback.

I don’t want my staff on Facebook all day.

Don’t worry, that’s easily managed! Administration access can be controlled, limited and managed by eGPS and designated staff at your practice.  We post information according to your practice needs, and within the scope of the package you have chosen. Therefore the weekly updates do not change every few minutes as they do on personal pages. Also, unless you have administration access you cannot see who your new followers are on Facebook so there’s very little distraction for your staff.

We are coming up for accreditation how can you help?

Yes it will help
Practice improvement, improving access for patients, support reminder recall, greater support for chronic care patients etc 
According to the 4th standards having planned health promotion is highly valued. 
( will need to provide the reference) 
Responding to patient feedback on Internet searches. See 9

This point should be number one but I can’t pull out all the points from here. I have the manual at home will be onto this once I get back.

How long will my practice be contracted to eGPS?

That depends on your package. We may simply provide you with a package that builds your online presence and then we hand it back to you after 3 months. This type of package provides you with a more meaningful profile than the telephone and address listing you may already have. 
Other packages consist of social media and health promotion and these are recommended to continue for a minimum of six to twelve months in order for your practice to build an online profile. 
After your initial package has expired you may choose to have your staff mange your social media page or you may continue to engage the eGPS team.
 Our role is to support your practice and we’re available to help you evaluate your investment.

What about my privacy if I am on social media?

These are business pages, not personal pages - a really important difference in the way the pages are set up. No personal information, other than posts that you have directed, will be posted on your social media pages. For example; you may want to post information about a new staff member (First name, work email, qualifications, hobbies and a photo) or you may want to post a few photos of your practice staff attending a community event. Beyond that, all social media posts and links are related to health information and health related events.  To save you time, all our social media packages are administrated by the eGPS team, although your practice will also have administration access.

My staff are too busy to be on social media

You’re absolutely right! Your staff are busy - way too busy to be worrying about building your online presence. At eGPS, our team will look after all your social media engagement and we’ll link to your choice of health promotion packages so the information you are sending out is relevant to current events and your patient demographics.

Why do we need Branding and identity for a medical practice?

How you sell your practice image is important. People want to know what makes your practice stand out from the crowd. A fresh brand and identity can help tell the story about why patients should choose your practice.

Health consumers are demanding and discerning and being able to identify with the values and principles of health professionals is important to them. Patients are looking for reliable information and are interested to know what you stand for in health care.
 Patients want to be able to identify with and trust your service. Gone are the days where hanging up your shingle is all the assurance they need. eGPS can help your presence felt online and in your printed materials.

Websites are expensive. How is it cost effective?

At eGPS, we appreciate your concerns around price and that’s why we offer a range of website packages to suit the needs of your practice. We also believe that taking advantage of our planned Health Promotion campaigns throughout the year will enable you can recover the cost of your website outlay. eGPS will work with your practice to show you tips and strategies to improve patient engagement.

The website provides a platform for other health services who are part of the wider health network to advertise their services eg; pathologists, podiatrists, dietitians, radiographers etc.

Being up to date on what’s happening in your local community is important to your patients and your website can promote links to local healthy living programs and health events. When a patient asks about local health events and services you can simply answer “Look for the links on our website to find out what’s going on in your area.”

Why do I need a website when my practice is already busy?

A website, particularly when used in conjunction with social media, is a great way to provide health information and reminder recalls. A website will enable your practice to design and deliver health promotion that reflects the demographics and needs of your patients.

Health consumers trust social media as a valuable method of receiving health information. With a website and social media network your practice can be part of the health conversation as a trusted reliable source.

Designing well considered health promotion campaigns will enable your practice to work with patients to maximise Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) claims. For example; conducting a Heath Promotion campaign around Diabetes awareness provides an ideal opportunity to review diabetic patients on care plans and ensure all measure for the Diabetes Cycle of Care are completed. This is a way for your practice to take a more strategic approach to patient-centred care.