Drug and Alcohol

Endurance in Drug & Alcohol Nursing

Endurance in Drug & Alcohol Nursing

For the fourth year running e-GPS provided comprehensive Twitter coverage of key messages from the annual DANA Drug and Alcohol Nurse’s Forum.

DANA (Drug and Alcohol Nurses of Australasia) is the peak nursing organisation in Australasia providing leadership to nurses and midwives with a professional interest in Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug (ATOD) issues.

Endurance was the theme of this year’s forum and stories of endurance abounded both from the podium and the floor. Nurses, psychologists, social workers networking and sharing experiences working in the Drug and Alcohol sector.

Tweeting Like a Boss

Here’s a rundown of what e-GPS achieved in terms of gaining followers and disseminating key information from sessions throughout the day.

The unique conference hashtag #DANAForum17 was registered with Symplur Healthcare Hashtag project and you can check out the numbers (number of impressions, retweets and key influencers) on the Symplur website.

  • The total number of impressions of #DANAForum17 key messages during the week of the conference was over 1.1 Million!
  • A total of 732 Tweets by 66 participants is a record for any DANA Forum.
  • @DANAnews1 increased their number of Twitter followers from 683 to 713



Where can I view Tweets from the Forum?

For a full recap of the forum proceedings go to Twitter and search #DANAForum17

Each year e-GPS improves @DANAnews1 Twitter engagement with the Drug and Alcohol sector by building relationships with key stakeholders, promoting the forum, scheduling posts and tweeting key messages on the day to reach a wide social media audience.

Contact @e-GPS via Twitter or email alison[at]e-gps.com.au.




Sex in other Cities

Sex in other Cities

We’re barrelling towards the end of the year, and that means that Schoolies is just around the corner. What’s Schoolies?

Schoolies = finishing school

Schoolies = hanging with friends

Schoolies = ditching the parents

Schoolies = getting wasted

Schoolies = sex - and lots of it!

So it’s perfect timing to show you a new website aimed at School leavers - Sex in other Cities.

Pick your destination of choice, say, Bali and get the low-down on what’s going on for Schoolies, how to get there, fun stuff, how to get the most out of your party time, and what to do if things go wrong.

Bali Leavers Sex in other Citites website


Check out Sex in other Cities and be Safe for Schoolies






What is a Standard Drink?

What is a Standard Drink?

How do you measure a Standard Drink- this infographic shows the actual alcohol content in a std drink

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) have released an infographic about the number of standard drinks in any one alcoholic beverage. Based on the National Australian Guidelines to Reduce Health Risks from Drinking Alcohol (2009) the plain facts may surprise some people.

Read the NHMRC FAQs here for more information on risks associated with alcohol consumption and find out whether there is such a thing as safe drinking levels.


Follow NHMRC on Twitter



Drug and Alcohol Nurses of Australasia @DANAnews1

Australian Drug Foundation @AustDrug



Keep Calm and Speak Up!

Keep Calm and Speak Up!

Drug and Alcohol Nurses Speak Up

Reducing harm from substance misuse in Australia and New Zealand is in part dependent on having a skilled, effective and adaptable healthcare workforce. With an ageing population, the demand for workers in healthcare and social assistance is set to outstrip all other sectors. 1  But it’s not only the population that is ageing, the nursing workforce itself is aging. Half of all nurses right now are over 45 years.2 In 2014 many are already reaching retirement age and more still are working beyond the age of 65.


Speak Up with Social Media

This can only mean one thing - we need to engage with younger nurses and encourage them into this specialist field. How better to do this?  Via social media of course!.

Drug and Alcohol Nurses of Australasia, better known as DANA, is already engaging with the new generation of nurses through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. DANA made it their mission to embrace a media that may not be entirely natural to many of their current members, but recognises that increasingly we are turning to social media for health information, both personal and professional.   Speaking a digital health language that highlights emerging trends, digital health technology, apps and wearables, keeps organisations like DANA on-trend in a rapidly changing healthcare system.


Speaking Up with Twitter

In a first for DANA, dedicated conference tweeters, e-GPS will be present and tweeting live from key sessions at this year’s DANA ‘Speak-Up’ Conference. Twitter is an integral part of conferencing these days and DANA will be sharing plenary sessions and substance misuse research in real-time to followers across multiple social media networks.

Follow @DANAnews1 and use the official conference hashtag #DANAConf2014 in all your posts.


The DANA Speak Up Conference

DANA believes that it’s time for nurses to speak up about what they do to reduce the harm from alcohol, tobacco and other drugs; to speak up about how they make a difference and to speak up on important issues that fall within the sphere of expertise of drug and alcohol nurses.

At the 2014 DANA Conference we will be speaking up:

  • about the  work of drug and alcohol nurses
  • about the important role nurses play in reducing the toll from alcohol, tobacco and other drugs
  • for colleagues struggling with alcohol, tobacco and other drug problems
  • for those who cannot speak or who have no voice
  • to make the voice of nurses heard

There will also be special workshops about ‘Pain Management’ and ‘Nurses, the Media and Speaking Up’

Come along. Register now. The conference is being held at The Mecure Sydney from June 17-20th.


Making Your Voice Heard

You’re just a few steps away from joining the social media network and becoming a valuable voice in the DANA Twitter conversation.


1. Follow @DANAnews1


2. Start using the official conference hashtag   #DANAConf2014


3. Register for the DANA Speak Up Conference


4. Speak Up using social media

  • Tell your followers about the conference
  • Share DANA’s Facebook and LinkedIn posts across your networks


Above all, encourage conversations about the amazing work nurses from all sectors are doing every day to reduce harm from substance misuse. The more young nurses and health professionals learn about this area of healthcare, the more likely we are to have a rich, varied and digitally advanced nursing workforce to go on caring for our communities into the future.


DANA looks forward to welcoming you to Sydney for the Speak Up conference 17-20 June 2014. Register at the DANA Conference Website


‘Speak your mind even if your voice shakes’ - Maggie Kuhn, Grey Panthers activitst

The Drug and Alcohol Nurses of Australasia conference theme in 2014 is Speak Up! go to www.danaconference.com.au to register




1. National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction (NCETA) and Flinders University, Adelaide SA, 2013. http://nceta.flinders.edu.au/files/8813/7938/7565/Discussion_paper_Final.pdf

2. Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2003

3. Sydney Morning Herald, 2 May, 2014 http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/retirement-age-rise-to-70-by-2035-joe-hockey-announces-20140502-zr318.html


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