Conference Engagement

Since 2012, e-GPS have disseminated latest research, key opinions and real-time proceedings to delegates, stakeholders and heath care organisations by way of our professional tweeting services and health conference apps.



Let e-GPS Tweet live from your next Health Conference

Conference engagement via social media is an exciting emerging resource for medical professionals who are unable to attend every event in the busy conference calendar.

To keep you in the conference loop, e-GPS will attend medical, nursing, health promotion and digital health information conferences on your behalf. For the cost of conference registration, plus an additional daily fee, e-GPS set up a Twitter account and attend your choice of sessions. We post tweets on your behalf, engaging with delegates and creating a ready-made online network that captures the latest findings from key opinion leaders in your field.


Why Twitter?

Twitter is an integral part of conferencing these days and the speed at which information can be shared is quite phenomenal.

Health conversations are happening online every minute of every day and e-GPS have the experience to quickly join the conversation and share relevant health information as it happens.

In doing so, e-GPS are able to build a social media presence, disseminating information in real time to an audience that reaches beyond the confines of the conference delegates.

Twitter is a highly effective tool for sharing health information among health professionals, non-government organisations, government funded bodies and health consumers.


Conference Apps

2014 is the year of the Conference App and e-GPS have the pick of the Apps to suit your Health Event.


Three mobile devices offering Health Conference Apps onscreen


Our Conference App Packages save you time and energy by using a streamlined, highly intuitive content management system (CMS)

Dazzle your event participants with an app that is fast, efficient and flexible.

Upload event data quickly, fully customise your event, enhance engagement, alert and update attendees on event proceedings.

Go mobile with your next Health Event!

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