Health Promotion Campaigns

Health Promotion Campaigns

e-GPS work in collaboration with your practice to design health promotion campaigns throughout the year.

You can choose quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly health promotion campaigns depending on your patient demographic and the health information you wish to share with your patients and the wider health community.

Health promotion campaigns help to

  • Engage health consumers to confidently manage their own health
  • Prevent chronic disease by informing and connecting consumers with local service providers
  • Encourage people with chronic conditions to work with your team in managing their health

Health promotion campaigns help to strengthen your communication with health consumers by delivering consistent, trustworthy health information around

  • Exercise
  • Diet
  • Medications
  • Immunisation
  • Mental health screening
  • Sexual health screening

Through social media, blog posts and traditional print resources, e-GPS deliver self-management messages, connecting your patients with local service providers so they can work towards and achieve their health goals.