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FoodSwitch App

FoodSwitch App


Do you often stare at the grocery shelves hoping the healthy food choices will jump out at you? Sure, we all know there is a wealth of nutrition information printed on the side of our food packets, but who has time to stand with two cereal packets in hand comparing carbohydrates and saturated fats?

Bupa has come to the rescue - practically pushing the healthy options into your trolley with their new app FoodSwitch. It’s a simple interface - just scan and compare. There are also GlutenSwitch and SaltSwitch options within the same app.

We downloaded FoodSwitch as soon as we heard about it and it has not only saved us time but introduced us to healthier options - sometimes at a reduced price. That’s a win-win for busy people who want to eat well.

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Check out the FoodSwitch app

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New Headache Diary App

New Headache Diary App

As part of their growing suite of mobile apps, Griffith University has launched a unique app that helps headache sufferers record the severity and regularity of their pain.

The app, essentially a headache diary, forms part of the ENHANCE project, which is investigating the effectiveness of managing headaches using a combination of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and a new approach called learning to cope with triggers (LCT).

The Griffith University research team, led by Professor Paul Martin of the Behavioural Basis of Health program, aims to help people with headache become desensitised to triggers such as food, noise and stress, or to build up a tolerance to them. Read more about the EASE approach for dealing with headache triggers on the Headache Australia website.

According to Professor Martin, the new app - developed in partnership with African Startup company Wexpert Technologies, - will help improve research outcomes by directly downloading the diary into data files, enabling the research team to know when he ratings of head pain are made, rather than relying on the self reports of the participants.

“This app will benefit the ENHANCE project but will also be a very useful tool for other headache researchers around the world,” said Professor Martin.

Griffith University has also launched another app, designed to help patients with chronic fatigue syndrome better manage their illness. Called CliniHelp, it is also suitable for patients with multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis, allowing them to record symptoms, track them on a weekly basis, and monitor changes in their condition.


Do you suffer from headaches?

The ENHANCE project is currently seeking 120 participants between the ages of 18 and 75 years who regularly experience six or more headache days per month.

To participate or for further details, contact the ENHANCE team on (07) 5678 0727 or


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Know Your Own Skin - iPhone App

Know Your Own Skin – iPhone App

When writing our recent blog, What you Should Know About Sun Damage, our team came across a great smartphone app called Know Your Own Skin 


The Know Your Own Skin App will teach you how to check your own skin for signs of possible sun damage and track any changes that may occur over time via an interactive photo bank and reminder service. The App also contains loads of useful information, advice and tools that will help you get to know your own skin, check it regularly and take better care of it.


Screen shots from Know Your Own Skin


Why should I download this app?

Take a look at this infographic from the Know Your Own Skin website and find out why this app should be downloaded to your smart device.

From the Know your Own Skin Website




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Know Your Own Skin



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