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Man with the Goanna Tattoo

Man with the Goanna Tattoo


Shannon is a man who appreciates tattoos - and why not? His unique goanna tattoo has been a work in progress for a couple of years with several visits to the artist for outlines, fills and detail.

Here’s a short 1 minute video we shot of Shannon at the NCIE - National Centre for Indigenous Excellence in Redfern.


The Tattoo Safely video is part of our KnockOut Hep C project - an exciting health promotion initiative we are taking to KnockOut Festivals and other sporting events. Basically our message is: If you’re gonna get a tatt - do it safely. Choose a place that’s clean, where the tattooist uses clean needles and equipment every time. If you don’t follow those simple tips, you could run the risk of getting hepatitis C. And that’s the point of the KnockOut Hep C project - to get people to think about the risks


Check out our Tumblr photos from the making of our KnockOut Hep C video

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