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FoodSwitch App

FoodSwitch App


Do you often stare at the grocery shelves hoping the healthy food choices will jump out at you? Sure, we all know there is a wealth of nutrition information printed on the side of our food packets, but who has time to stand with two cereal packets in hand comparing carbohydrates and saturated fats?

Bupa has come to the rescue - practically pushing the healthy options into your trolley with their new app FoodSwitch. It’s a simple interface - just scan and compare. There are also GlutenSwitch and SaltSwitch options within the same app.

We downloaded FoodSwitch as soon as we heard about it and it has not only saved us time but introduced us to healthier options - sometimes at a reduced price. That’s a win-win for busy people who want to eat well.

screen image of FoodSwitch mobile app

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