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Teenage Immune Heroes

Teenage Immune Heroes

Immune Hero the new immunsation website aimed at highschool kids, parents and teach

Immune Hero is a cool new website aimed at Australian teenagers. It’s the brainchild of the Victorian Government and, like Dumb Ways to Die, features games, YouTube videos and animated infographics that tell the story of why teenagers need to be vaccinated against DTP, HPV and Chickenpox.

We asked a Year 7 boy to test out the website and games - here’s his review:

“Yeah, I reckon the website is pretty cool.  I liked the videos they’re really good and well animated. Easy to understand as well. I learned quite a lot about HPV from the video.

The games are in need of updating. Graphics-wise they’re a bit young for high school kids and not really age-appropriate. But I did find a level of difficulty in Apoxalypse that was challenging even to me - and I’m a bit of a pro-gamer! 

I reckon I’d give the videos a thumbs up.  Maybe a few pop-ups and a login so you get a “Hi….(your name). And if you want a website to get with kids my age, you need it to be stimulating and engaging.”

Another idea is that maybe teachers could login in and set tasks for kids to keep it fresh.

I give this website a 7.5 out of 10.”  


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