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I’m Sorry, What Was That You Said?

I’m Sorry, What Was That You Said?

It’s Hearing Awareness Week 23-29 August, 2015 and there are events, screening clinics and information sessions across the country. Take a look at here for local event info.


While exploring the canals of hearing loss, we found these two infographics about Noise and Evolution of the Hearing Aid and we’d like to share them.



How Loud is Too Loud? An infographic from Safety Culture

Embedded from Safety Culture

Like this infographic?-  Jump over to Evolution of the Hearing Aid 


Infographic: The Story of Women’s Refuges in Sydney

Infographic: The Story of Women’s Refuges in Sydney
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Know Your Own Skin - iPhone App

Know Your Own Skin – iPhone App

When writing our recent blog, What you Should Know About Sun Damage, our team came across a great smartphone app called Know Your Own Skin 


The Know Your Own Skin App will teach you how to check your own skin for signs of possible sun damage and track any changes that may occur over time via an interactive photo bank and reminder service. The App also contains loads of useful information, advice and tools that will help you get to know your own skin, check it regularly and take better care of it.


Screen shots from Know Your Own Skin


Why should I download this app?

Take a look at this infographic from the Know Your Own Skin website and find out why this app should be downloaded to your smart device.

From the Know your Own Skin Website




Cancer Council Of Australia

Know Your Own Skin



What you Should Know About Sun Damage




@MelanomaAus (Melanoma Institute of Australia)