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Sex and Travel

Sex and Travel

Australians love to travel. Whether the destination is an island paradise, a cultural trip or backpacker adventure, sex in other cities is part of the experience for many travellers.

Travel-associated sexual adventurism has been implicated in the transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV and syphilis. Travellers who acquire new sexual partners while travelling tend to engage in higher risk sexual practices.

In many cases, overseas travellers rquire travel vaccinations, providing an opportunity for the GP to develop a pre-travel risk assessment and to discuss safe sexual practices and STI testing options with travellers.

ASHM - The Australasian Society for HIV Medicine is running a training session for GPs and Practice Nurses in Sydney on February 25th. If you are a health professional, you might want to check it out here

Thanks to the WA Aids Council for allowing ASHM permission to use their name. Check out their excellent website aimed at schoolies and young adults who are planning to travel

Sex in other Cities website

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Sex in other Cities

Sex in other Cities

We’re barrelling towards the end of the year, and that means that Schoolies is just around the corner. What’s Schoolies?

Schoolies = finishing school

Schoolies = hanging with friends

Schoolies = ditching the parents

Schoolies = getting wasted

Schoolies = sex - and lots of it!

So it’s perfect timing to show you a new website aimed at School leavers - Sex in other Cities.

Pick your destination of choice, say, Bali and get the low-down on what’s going on for Schoolies, how to get there, fun stuff, how to get the most out of your party time, and what to do if things go wrong.

Bali Leavers Sex in other Citites website


Check out Sex in other Cities and be Safe for Schoolies