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The MyOnlineClinic Solution

The MyOnlineClinic Solution

A message from Dr Ash Collins - CEO Telemedicine Australia

It is my pleasure to welcome you to MyOnlineClinic - a unique hybrid platform that uses state-of-the-art technology to merge all aspects of telemedicine into one virtual clinic.

Australians are increasingly connected and much of our communication takes place via smart devices. With rapidly expanding technology, telemedicine is revolutionising the relationship between health professionals and patients, bringing medical care to a new level in the virtual environment.

With MyOnlineClinic, your patients can measure and record vital health information, upload it to a secure file and schedule appointments with you from the comfort of their own home using a PC, laptop or smart phone. They can receive prescriptions direct to their closest pharmacy or have medications home-delivered.

As a GP, no matter where you are in the world, you can see your patients via smart device, PC or laptop. You can check their vital signs, perform an assessment via face-to-face video consult and arrange for tests, scripts and follow-up visits. MyOnlineClinic is an extension of your day-to-day clinical practice where you conduct consults in the digital space while maintaining your valuable doctor-patient relationship.


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MyOnlineClinic is Here!

MyOnlineClinic is Here!

Waiting for up to two hours to see your doctor will be at thing of the past with a new telemedicine app called MyOnlineClinic.

Health and technology have come together to provide medical services using online devices. The benefits of telemedicine is that it allows people who live in rural or remote areas to access health services online while remaining in their community.

With MyOnlineClinic doctors can see patients via an in-app video consult, regardless of their location. MyOnlineClinic is an extension of day-to-day general medical practice. It saves time, money and travel expenses while maintaining that valuable doctor-patient relationship.

Take a look at our video to see how MyOnlineClinic works:

MyOnlineClinic info video for patients


You can register for MyOnlineClinic by submitting your email address at

You can find out more on the MyOnlineClinic Facebook page or by calling 1300 990 863.

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Cloud Adoption and eHealth

Cloud Adoption and eHealth


When we talk about Cloud Adoption, we’re not referring to taking dark and stormy clouds under our wing for some TLC.

Within the information cloud lies the future of health and it’s time to familiarise yourself with Cumulus Technologia.

Why? Because clinical environments not yet ready to adopt new technology may be left hanging in a cloudless sky, adrift in the infinite blue with nothing to hang their patient data on but paper-based records.

This article from Rob Khamas at Rend Tech Associates published in Pulse+IT Magazine urges health practices to embrace cloud based technology - to find that silver lining, learn all there is to learn about it and make the cloud part of your daily practice.

Thanks for Pulse+IT Magazine for publishing yet another excellent article and for their ongoing support for health practitioners everywhere in navigating the eHealth space. Reach for the sky and keep on going…

Read the article here 



And in case you feel like listening to some ambient cloud music - here’s the Orb with Little Fluffy Clouds